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The Sacred Living Center: An Enlightened Path for Higher Living.

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Isis is a renowned Master Healer, Herbalist, Bioenergist, Internationally Recognized Author, and Spiritual Teacher. She has developed many of our products, programs and protocols for her private clients around the world.

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  • Discover how to transform yourself and your life
  • Learn to co-create new realities
  • Use your "inner being" to guide your "doing" in life.
  • Insights to balance ego & essence for optimal, healthy living.

Create Your Ideal Reality, with a Focus on Total Mind, Body & Spirit Transformation.

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Welcome to the Sacred Living Center. Within this website you will find information on Sacred Living, Reality Creation, & The Law of DeLight plus Isis’ teachings on DeLight & Divine Light. As an artist, Ambassador of Peace, teacher, author and lecturer on Sacred Living & DeLight, Isis offers programs to transform personal and global harmony levels in ways that benefit all.

The Sacred Living Center is the only divinely guided Higher Life, Premier Program of its kind filled with resources, training and mastery combined with a deeply powerful wisdom library at a fraction of the cost you will find anywhere else on the web.

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We offer you immediate spiritual and personal growth and complete freedom.

We empower our members to embrace DeLight as a way of life! You can CHOOSE to enjoy a prosperous, sustainable, delightfully successful, joy-filled life right here and now.

Sacred Living & Delightful Being is a permanent awakening to your unlimited potential and gives you the opportunity to fully experience what life is really all about.

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Isis takes her students on journeys where physicality and potentiality meet and new realities are co-created. Her inspirational programs for her members are enlightening and life-changing. read more...

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  • Highly Sensitive People (Understanding Hypersensitivity or Oversensitivity)
    Highly Sensitive People (Understanding Hypersensitivity or Oversensitivity)
    If you find you are highly sensitive, you have been labeled as Hypersensitive or Overly Sensitive, allow me to welcome you with open arms! You are so special! You are an evolution of our remarkable species! Despite the criticism to the contrary, I want you to understand […]...
  • Meaning of dreams (a guide to interpreting dreams)
    Dreams are messages from our higher guidance. Some people believe dreams come only from the subconscious mind, however dream interpretation has revealed to us that dreams can also contain messages from other realms, times, people and places. Our Higher Self is infinite and transdimensional, and therefore we […]...
  • I Don’t Know Why I am Sad
    I get a number of messages from people asking me what to do. They just don't know why they are feeling so sad. You likely found this article because you typed in "I don't know why I'm sad" or "why am I so sad" into Google. There […]...
  • Are You Motivated to Find Your Heart's Delight? The Pursuit of Eudamonia
    Are You Motivated to Find Your Heart’s Delight? The Pursuit of Eudamonia
    Neither the church, imprisoned by its own dogma, the government, holed up in a bunker of political intrigue, nor science, locked up within the confines of fear that their 300 year old legacy of matter and materialism, understands how to empower a person to experience true wholeness […]...
  • Meditation to Give
    I know there is an infinite energy system in the universe that is of me, in me and around me. We are all connected to it, are in it, and are of it. I am connected to you as well as to everyone else through the energy […]...
  • The Crutch and Addiction of Reality – Isis
    To love something fully, completely, is to embrace it in wholeness. To accept it completely, regardless of its faults, its weaknesses, its paradigms. To receive it completely without attachment, all of its wholeness, for you realize that there is a part of you within it as it […]...

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A Unique Approach

SLC's approach to spiritual enlightenment guides you through your spiritual journey to experiencing more delight in your life. Learn how to inverse any life challenge into a powerful force for drawing desirable outcomes effortlessly. Join Today...

A Philosophy for Life

Our philosophy at the Sacred Living Center is two-fold and simple. We believe all life is sacred and that we were given the gift of life to create and experience as much DELIGHT as possible. Join Today...

A Supportive Community

We are a community dedicated to supporting one another as we bring the magic of DeLight and Sacred Living into our daily lives. We welcome ALL levels of seekers, regardless of where you are on your journey. Join Today...

An Introduction to Sacred Living & DeLight

A Message from Isis: One of the most fulfilling journeys a soul can make while focused on the physical plane, is to awaken into the awareness of and full reconnection with their Infinite Essence, or what I refer to as our Infinite DeLightFULL Nature.

Connection to this allows us to feel our DeLightFULL Essence as being everywhere, within and all around us, for it is a part of the very fabric of creation itself.

In fact, DeLight is the source of all creation, the reason why anything exists at all. DeLight is the foundational frequency of life itself. DeLight is the frequency to which every wave-form particle in the Universe harmonizes automatically. The frequency of DeLight aligns us to a rhythm of such deep peace, joy, awe and contentment, that we find ourselves forever transformed.

The gifts DeLight gives us are endless. DeLight creates within us a deeper ability to love, guide, heal and nourish one another completely. Our desire to share DeLight is natural yet profound.

DeLight is the sacred path and reveals itself in its own way, in its own time. Because all energy streams naturally yearn to resonate with DeLight within us and around us, this gives us the power to create entire new realities with ease and Grace. Thus, DeLight is the foundational philosophy for The Sacred Living Center.

When we operate in a state of DeLight, we find our lives become effortless. We are never separate from it, it is always there to honor us, nurture us and ignite passion, power and creativity within us.

Begin Your Membership Today

We invite you to experience The Sacred Living Center with your exclusive membership.

The Sacred Living Center: An Enlightened Path for Higher Living.

What is the SLC?

The Sacred Living Center (SLC) is an online spiritual retreat community and complete approach to spiritual enlightenment and daily living. It’s designed for any level of experience, to work in the busiest of schedules either as a comprehensive spiritual journey or to compliment your current spiritual practice.